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Timbrebells is all about celebrating music, connecting people all over the world through music, and giving a unified platform to all the genres over the world. ‘VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM’ is a pillar of our project to achieve the next level of globalization. We wish to connect all the cultures on our planet in one knot through our platform, connecting them by bringing every form of music closer together and raise together as a GLOBAL MUSIC FAMILY. 


The grounds of projects under TimbreBells are about letting everyone to put their music on our platform. Be it housewives humming into kitchen or a street singer hypnotizing the crowd with rhythms. We welcome everyone to come forward with their music and fight against all odds to bring about a marvelous effect on the world.


the podcast of the music lover inside you

Akshata Upalekar

Akshata Upalekar is a singer cum music composer who's also well versed with writing songs. She have been learning music since she was 5. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
She practices violin, guitar and most probably gonna release her own music soon.
Listen to her amazing journey on Spotify on Musician in Me.😍😍😍😁

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Aabha Kulkarni

Aabha Kulkarni is a marvelous 19 year old multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, the guitar and the violin!

Something that started out as a mere hobby when she was a child has bloomed into passion for the serene singer who also hosts a YouTube channel to bring forth her talent to the world.

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Nikhil Rane

Nikhil Kamlakar Rane is first the ever Whistling Champion of India . He's World Whistling Champion from Hikifuki category of 2016 and 2018. 😇🔥

He is renowned for his unique Palate whistling style and is honoured a title of Smiling Whistler of India.🇮🇳💫

He's the only one who put forth whistling as an art form and brought it to country's notice. Let's listen to his amazing journey on Spotify - Musician in Me🤗🤗

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Sireesha Bhagavatula

Sireesha Bhagavatula, 24 year old Indian Idol 2020 Season 12 contestant from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. She made her debut in playback singing from A.R. Rahman’s Maathare.
Two years ago, Sirisha participated in Star Vijay TV’s music reality show Super Singer season 6. She was one of the top 6 contestants.She has innumerable achievements at such a small age.

Let's listen to her musical journey and get to know more about it!

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Bunny (Pranav Khot)

A cheerful, happy and enthusiastic soul - BUNNY.

He is a 19 years-old, trained and certified radio jockey, looking forward to work as an actor, a playback singer and an instrumentalist too!

He has been a part of 100+ open mics and 25 commercial shows already! Maintaining a balance between his professional and personal life, he came on his path when he first interned at 91.1 FM.

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Shriya Shinde

Shriya Shinde is an Indian classical singer who enjoys singing ragas.

Her official journey of music began at the age of 7 yrs. Shriya is also a Natya Sangeet and Sugam Sangeet enthusiast.

Her love for art forms has encouraged her to take on everything at once. She credits her success to her teacher and her family.

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Abhay Arora

Abhay Arora, 21, a keen music lover is here to inspire us!

Embarking on the journey of "That Music Project" with 'Agar Tum Saath Ho', he has surely created a whole new world of music and is ever-growing with 140K followers now.

How the pandemic changed his life for the best, the story of the shift—Hotel Management to music, and is now working with music labels and renowned artists!

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We all are aware of the fact that music is everywhere. It is within us and also without us. But, at TimbreBells, we believe that everyone has a different beat, a different story, and a different way of expression than others. That’s why TimbreBells brings you a campaign – #UnitedByMusic an initiative aiming to connect people and their art forms which are expressing their love and stories about music. 
You can post an audio or video of you singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or even reciting a poem. You also have the choice to post your textual poems which are related to music.
The steps to participate in the campaign are as simple as:
Recording/ writing
Posting the draft on your social media handle with the hashtag #unitedbymusic and tag @timbre_bells
Some amazing posts will be featured by us on our Instagram. So what are you waiting for?


Have you ever listened to a local artisan sing? Or tried singing by yourself on some occasion?  Ever listened to your mom humming in the kitchen? Have you given a thought to the traditional music of other countries or ancient music genres?

We all must have wondered about the depth of music once in our lives, about the history behind each genre, and the psychological impacts that music has on us. We all wish to  explore the diversity of music, and If you to desire this too, then you are at the right place!!

Come on lets enter magical world of music.

Our Flagship Program ‘Cosmo Melody’ welcomes everyone, It aims to develop 

interest and broaden the reach of every genre and kind of music through blogs,

research, articles, arts, etc.

Note:  No age,genre,region restrictions.You are a free bird to participate.

Cosmo- Melody is structured into three projects, aims to fit anyone 


 1.Swaragini: For Indian Classical Music (professionals and trainees)

 2.Showcase: For any genre around the world (professionals and trainees)

 3.Open Stage: Any genre (hobbyists and non-professionals)

We embrace original composition and songwriting as well as covers of songs under these projects.

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K-Bells is a community of all K-pop lovers, building itself day by day. We aim to promote the K-pop culture and bring together all the fans and admirers of the Korean entertainment industry. The Korean wave has engulfed us in its culture completely. Together, we are more than happy to glide along!
K-Bells brings you all the updates on the Korean entertainment industry. We are here to fetch you the news and updates of your favorite idols. With fun quizzes and engaging stories that would make your day, join us in our journey as we try our best to explore K-pop more and more!


An ICM lover or not, it hurts to come across questions and headlines like ‘The Dying Art of Indian Classical Music’! TimbreBells is here with one of the already existing clubs—Swaradhyay. It is utterly dedicated to Indian Classical Music to let you feel that the heart is still beating and goosebumps continue to erupt all by the virtue of ICM! Meet ICM lovers, trainees, professionals and dive into the ocean of never-ending love for ICM. Discuss, share and explore the art through various activities! Here’s the link to the form! Fill in right now and be a part of Swaradhyay, carrying the legacy forward!


Timbrebells is all about celebrating music, connecting people all over the world through music, and giving a unified platform to all the genres over the world.