Music is a universal aspect of human existence. From the biggest cities to the most remote villages, the driest deserts to the wettest rainforest the height of the Himalayas to the Depth of the dead sea, music is always has been a part of daily life for each individual in one way or the other. And we people are an integral part of music and vice versa! Every culture throughout history has created music and that musical heritage has become an inseparable part of who we are as individuals and as communities. 
Here at TimbreBells, we connect people, like-minded and unique! In this digital era, TimbreBells is a live musical place for people to have human-to-human interactions, gain and share, grow and live music! Just a click and we welcome you to this ever-expanding world of music and people


TimbreBells is a family of music lovers and you are invited to this family. Want to meet people with the same music taste as yours? Join our Clubs and Communities and get to meet your musical soulmate or as the gen z says, ‘bestie’.


We host group discussions and debates regularly along with many fun activities that you can be a part of. We have a club for the Indian Classical Music lovers which is named ICM and a club for the K pop lovers where all people talk about is how much they love their favorite artist and so much more.

If you wish to be a part of these super fun clubs and communities and if you want to expand your friend circle with people of the same interest as yours, fill the form we provide below to become a member today!


If you have an idea and wish to create a club of the genre you love and care about, TimbreBells also gives you a platform to create a club of your own! You can register yourself with a few easy steps and be the founder of a club and see your community grow with TimbreBells.

Come and let the world know what’s happening and what’s beating!


An ICM lover or not, it hurts to come across questions and headlines like ‘The Dying Art of Indian Classical Music’! TimbreBells is here with one of the already existing clubs—Swaradhyay. It is utterly dedicated to Indian Classical Music to let you feel that the heart is still beating and goosebumps continue to erupt all by the virtue of ICM! Meet ICM lovers, trainees, professionals and dive into the ocean of never-ending love for ICM. Discuss, share and explore the art through various activities! Here’s the link to the form! Fill in right now and be a part of Swaradhyay, carrying the legacy forward!


K-Bells is a community of all K-pop lovers, building itself day by day. We aim to promote the K-pop culture and bring together all the fans and admirers of the Korean entertainment industry. The Korean wave has engulfed us in its culture completely. Together, we are more than happy to glide along!
K-Bells brings you all the updates on the Korean entertainment industry. We are here to fetch you the news and updates of your favorite idols. With fun quizzes and engaging stories that would make your day, join us in our journey as we try our best to explore K-pop more and more!


We all are aware of the fact that music is everywhere. It is within us and also without us. But, at TimbreBells, we believe that everyone has a different beat, a different story, and a different way of expression than others. That’s why TimbreBells brings you a campaign – #UnitedByMusic an initiative aiming to connect people and their art forms which are expressing their love and stories about music. 
You can post an audio or video of you singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or even reciting a poem. You also have the choice to post your textual poems which are related to music.
The steps to participate in the campaign are as simple as:
Recording/ writing
Posting the draft on your social media handle with the hashtag #unitedbymusic and tag @timbre_bells
Some amazing posts will be featured by us on our Instagram. So what are you waiting for?


Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results. We can all do small things, with great love, and united we can do something wonderful. TimbreBells provides diversified services so there is a lot of room for people to work with us. We encourage people to join us in order to push each other into achieving more than what we can individually, to build ideas together and turn them into something we’re both proud of. Collaborative music projects give your exposure to other artist’s audiences and a whole new fanbase would learn about who you are. 

TimbreBells has successfully collaborated with MYRA 21 to create MYRA FESTA 21, the biggest ever project by the BTS army. 

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success. We are open to collaborate and we invite you to be a part of our family.


Music has a different meaning for everyone. For some people it is a prayer the heart sings, a connection to self, a way of healing, something to cling to, for some it is an art that helps them bear their souls. The chills you get from listening to your favorite band and the untold story behind your favorite song! 


It’s not just about playing notes or singing words or hearing songs, it’s an indescribable feeling you get that is special only to you. We bring you to talk shows where you can express your music thoughts and listen to well-known artists talk about their inspirational journeys.


One of our successful talk shows was Khayal with the idea of ‘where Melodies meet thoughts’ celebrating and rediscovering Indian classical music with reputed artists like Gandhar Deshpande, Aniruddha Joshi, Varad Kathapurkar, Nikhil Pathak, and many such amazing artists.


We will have many more such talk shows and you can have the opportunity to host one. To host a talk show you need to fill the following form click here.

Khayal, a successful talk show, was organized by TimbreBells. A place where melodies met thoughts and people met their favorite artists.


Expression is an art. What better than letters could be a beautiful way to express what you feel for someone?

We all follow various artists. We admire them. We are crazy for them. But that one artist, who is so close to us, is always special! We love that one amazing artist to the moon and back! So here’s something we got for you crazy people— Letter to Artist.

Without waiting for even a moment, take out your diary, pick up a pen and begin. “To, My Dear artist…” Let your words speak your heart! Pour out each ounce of love you have for them so that  “With Love, Your die-hard fan” makes sense and is literal! 

And if the letter is not your thing, don’t worry! You can just pour it out through a  video! No scripts required, no pages and pens! Just you and your emotions, right to the artist through the camera!

So choose it right now! Letters or videos—spill the magic before it’s too late!


Evenings spent swaying hands and flashing mobile lights in concerts. Days and evenings spent attending gigs and musical shows! We attend certain events and the memories created here stay for a lifetime!

TimbreBells has got exactly this for you. Entertainment for a while to be cherished forever! We host numerous musical events. A wide range of genres, several types, various artists, online and offline, too many attractions and highlights, and a lot more! All the musical treasure and pleasure right here, Events through TimbreBells.

Stay connected to music and the world in return through these highly engaging events! Stay tuned for updates! Interesting events coming up soon!


TimbreBells believes in connecting people and providing comfort through music. In this situation of pandemic which was worsening day by day, we wanted to give people happiness, warmth and comfort through our event and hence we took this decision.
TimbreBells adheres to the promise of providing good service to people.
TimbreBells came forward with a blissful concert and made the audience’s weekend the best they ever had! The crowd drowned in the ecstacy of Madhur Sharma’s concert and made the best of the weekend night!


To all the people who listen to a song and make them theirs by attaching a memory or a person or a great emotion to it. to all the people who go far and wide to find themselves and find the music they think is theirs, here’s your place to tell the world what music means to you other than the strings of guitar and lyrics—Musical Phenomena. We would love to know a different dimension of music, music through your eyes and your ears and to your body, mind and soul.

Everybody has a unique definition and connection to Music. We connect, find and develop various dimensions of life through music in our own way. 

Maybe the beats of nature or the vibrations of utensils banging against each other! Music is everywhere. It just needs perception! So get a camera or a pen and be ready to express how you perceive and relate to music through a video wherein you have your freedom to define music!

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Timbrebells is all about celebrating music, connecting people all over the world through music, and giving a unified platform to all the genres over the world.