Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine. One song-the lyrics, the melody, the mood can take you back in time as nothing else can. It has the power to make us smile and bring us all types of tears. Do you also want to touch people’s lives with your music but haven’t got a clue how to make it reach the masses?
 They say sharing music is a love language but it takes a lot of effort, but with an appropriate strategy, you can successfully build your music on your terms and share it in a way that matches your vision. 
With TimbreBells make effective music promotion a part of your music marketing strategy. The music industry is rapidly expanding, as is the competition in the marketplace. To stand out as an artist the manner you showcase your brand and music matters a great deal. We promote all types of music as well as artists whether you create music or not. Our most efficient promotion strategies will help you unlock new opportunities and strengthen your reputation. 
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Cosmo Melody, as the name implies, includes the melodies of the whole cosmos. At TimbreBells, it’s all under one roof. Or we must say, one screen, right in front of you.


Cosmo Melody at TimbreBells aims to give every person a musical heartbeat to display his/her/their talents and express themselves through this art form. 


The best part, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional! We are open to all! 

Explore the magic of music through your forte! You only have to look for where you fit in and then get, set, music! 

Here’s a briefing for you to get an overview of Cosmomelody at TimbreBells.


  1. Swaragini: This section is dedicated to Indian Classical music. If you are someone whose heartbeats on the strings of a sitar and ears could make out what ragas are the leaves rustling in. If you are someone who is practicing Indian classical music then Swaragini awaits your presence.
  2. Showcase: This part of the program is for the people who are practicing music in any genre except Indian classical music. Showcase at TimbreBells allows you to meet the people who are in love with different genres of music and are glad to hear your opinions and giveaway to the world of music.
  3. Open Stage: What if I am not a professional singer/ musician? What if I only do music as a hobby? Don’t worry, we have an Open Stage for you because we got everyone covered! TimbreBells offers you to participate in the Open Stage and show everyone your love for music.


For Indian Classical Music
(Professional and Trainees)

Swaragini in TimbreBells is for Indian Classical music lovers. This space has people who are either on training or professional classical artists. You can post several things in this space that come under the ICM genre.

TimbreBells allows you to showcase your instrumentals, vocals, knowledge, art, and more. All you have to do is be a part of Swaragini and submit your artwork with the form attached below. 








For Indian Classical Music
(Professional and Trainees)

TimbreBells aims to promote all kinds of musical genres. If you do not fit in the category of Swaragini, which is Indian Classical, but you are a trainee or professional in other genres, The Showcase welcomes you. Here, we would love to hear about everything you have to say or do right from some instrument to your thoughts about a particular genre of music. 

The only condition is, you should be on training or a professional in any genre except ICM.






Any genre
(Hobbyists and Non-Professional )

At TimbreBells, it’s all-inclusive. You don’t necessarily have to be a trained musician. If you pursue music as a hobby and like humming to your favorite artist, TimbreBells is giving you a chance to step out of the bathroom and show the world your love and appreciation for music or a song or even some lyrics. In the form below, you can upload your vocals or videos or even tell us your connection to music and how it drives you through all kinds of emotions. We understand how powerful music can be and how impactful you could be to others reading or listening to your story. 

So, without wasting your time, come join us in this community of hobbyists and let’s begin.


Music is an art not confined to itself. It involves and evolves with numerous other arts. Music in itself is a definition of being eternal. Strokes and patches of colours on a white page turning into violins, beats of music and body swirls syncing, words coming from the heart onto the page and what not! Behold music is everywhere.

So you don’t sing? Fine. Don’t play the guitar or the keyboard? Absolutely okay. And yet love music? Here’s the place for you—The Art Gallery by TimbreBells. A corner for any and every art related to music, may it be a painting or a dance or even a poem, that revolves around music. Show the world your way to express your love for music through various art forms, except for music! Interesting, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Get a place for yourself on this amazing wall!


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“My music will tell you more about me than I ever will”, music is an expression of our soul. Some songs just connect so well with your life, wrapped around their tunes are big and small stories and many many memories. We are here to tell your stories to the world.

TimbreBells provides a platform for all of you to showcase your talents, to explore yourselves and your music.


We promote all artists,  singers, composers, instrumentalists, anyone and everyone who wishes to expand their area of work. Artists have to struggle a lot to have a  breakthrough into music, to bring their work in front of the world, we intend to reduce these hurdles by giving you global exposure. We invite you to post your videos for the world to see.


We understand the importance of creating a strong foundation and want to be your partner in your magical journey of music. We will give you opportunities to keep learning, sharpen your skills and excel at your art.

We bring a podcast series “Musician in me”…show the music in you for you to unleash the musician that rests within you where we provide a package of Podcast + Poster + Blog/Article to artists at a very reasonable price. There’s no time to lose! Hurry and sign up to avail the best of services at TimbreBells!


the podcast of the music lover inside you

Akshata Upalekar

Akshata Upalekar is a singer cum music composer who's also well versed with writing songs. She have been learning music since she was 5. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
She practices violin, guitar and most probably gonna release her own music soon.
Listen to her amazing journey on Spotify on Musician in Me.😍😍😍😁

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Aabha Kulkarni

Aabha Kulkarni is a marvelous 19 year old multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, the guitar and the violin!

Something that started out as a mere hobby when she was a child has bloomed into passion for the serene singer who also hosts a YouTube channel to bring forth her talent to the world.

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Nikhil Rane

Nikhil Kamlakar Rane is first the ever Whistling Champion of India . He's World Whistling Champion from Hikifuki category of 2016 and 2018. 😇🔥

He is renowned for his unique Palate whistling style and is honoured a title of Smiling Whistler of India.🇮🇳💫

He's the only one who put forth whistling as an art form and brought it to country's notice. Let's listen to his amazing journey on Spotify - Musician in Me🤗🤗

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Sireesha Bhagavatula

Sireesha Bhagavatula, 24 year old Indian Idol 2020 Season 12 contestant from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. She made her debut in playback singing from A.R. Rahman’s Maathare.
Two years ago, Sirisha participated in Star Vijay TV’s music reality show Super Singer season 6. She was one of the top 6 contestants.She has innumerable achievements at such a small age.

Let's listen to her musical journey and get to know more about it!

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Bunny (Pranav Khot)

A cheerful, happy and enthusiastic soul - BUNNY.

He is a 19 years-old, trained and certified radio jockey, looking forward to work as an actor, a playback singer and an instrumentalist too!

He has been a part of 100+ open mics and 25 commercial shows already! Maintaining a balance between his professional and personal life, he came on his path when he first interned at 91.1 FM.

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Shriya Shinde

Shriya Shinde is an Indian classical singer who enjoys singing ragas.

Her official journey of music began at the age of 7 yrs. Shriya is also a Natya Sangeet and Sugam Sangeet enthusiast.

Her love for art forms has encouraged her to take on everything at once. She credits her success to her teacher and her family.

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Abhay Arora

Abhay Arora, 21, a keen music lover is here to inspire us!

Embarking on the journey of "That Music Project" with 'Agar Tum Saath Ho', he has surely created a whole new world of music and is ever-growing with 140K followers now.

How the pandemic changed his life for the best, the story of the shift—Hotel Management to music, and is now working with music labels and renowned artists!

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From Mando to Powada, and from Panihari to Sopana Sangeetham! These are definitions and theories in themselves!
The place a person belongs to is pride. The heritage each regional culture holds is extraordinary in itself. And music is an integral part of it. So here’s a place for you to show love and passion for the regional art of music! 
As the name suggests, you are welcome to upload documentaries in the form of videos covering the aspects you find important and beautiful about the regional music you want the world to know! Try not to exceed 20 minutes, keeping it crisp! 
Let us bring regional music back to life! Let’s explore the heritage of each one of these beautiful arts!


Timbrebells is all about celebrating music, connecting people all over the world through music, and giving a unified platform to all the genres over the world.