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Our story

Namaste, we welcome you to TimbreBells.
“I believe in the eternal power of music. It’s everywhere, even though it’s a soft power but it carries the strength of surpassing all limits! ’”, says the founder Prerna Burande on creating this melody project of her dreams. TimbreBells is a music startup aiming to connect people through music and rhythms under its various events and campaigns.

Music rules our ears. We at TimbreBells aim to bring together people with all kinds of taste in music as one of our pillars says ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. We celebrate music and melodies by giving a platform to everyone interested in making the world vibe with any genre or language of their choice. You are welcomed and we are lucky to have you here! We have no limits regarding age, race, country, or even experience. TimbreBells strongly believes in ‘लोकाःसमस्ताःसुखिनोभवन्तु’, we aim at promoting our major ambition of “World Happiness” through music.

Timbrebells is all about celebrating music, connecting people all over the world through music, and giving a unified platform to all the genres over the world.